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Mraz and Me


freelayouts is posing a challenge to all of you layout makers! Every other week we are taking a new style and working with it. Each layout that is submitted using the contest style is entered into the contest. All members are welcome to join. The members vote on the layouts every other Sunday. The winning layout will be displayed on the community info page and on the community layout.

At the end of the contest, each winning layout will be voted on. That winner will recieve a prize (not sure what that will be yet... depends on my finances).

We will be taking a new S2 layout to work on each week. There will be a few that are not done but most of them will be. I will provide the default stylesheet for you guys to look at and use as a reference.

This week's layout is "[S2] Expressive".
The due date is Saturday, July 7th.
Here is the Default CSS.