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Welcome to Freelayouts

Premade S1 and S2 layouts for free users of Livejournal.

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to Freelayouts

Premade S1 and S2 layouts for free users of Livejournal.

Freelayouts is where you can find premade layouts for free user accounts. Layouts are submitted by the members of the community. This is not a request community! All submissions are moderated and must be approved by the maintainers before being posted in the community. We will not approve layout requests or posts for help!


To those of you using free layouts...
1.Join the community. Then you get to see friends only layouts.
2.If a maker requests credit, then please credit them.

For those of you making layouts...
1.Please lj-cut any images larger than 200px.
2.Make sure your overrides are right! Preview before you post to make sure.
3.Nothing obscene. This is an all-ages show.
4.Layouts need to be made available to the members of this community. No linking to private posts in other communities!

Posting here
Read THE POSTING GUIDE and use the form provided there to post your layout to the community.

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