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A few rules:

» To those of you using free layouts...

  1. Join the community
  2. If a maker requests credit, then please credit them.

» For those of you making layouts...

  1. Please lj-cut any images larger than 200px.
  2. Make sure your overrides are right! Preview before you post to make sure.
  3. Nothing obscene. This is an all-ages show.
  4. Layouts need to be made available to the members of this community. Do not make people join your community to get the codes.

Grey Matters (Choose Your Own Header!)

Style: Component
Account Type: Sponsored and Paid
Custom Colors: Yes
Best view: Any
Browser(s) Compatible: Firefox, IE and Safari
About: Choose your own header! Ideal size is 736x400. However, I left instructions on how to change the size in the zipfile. If you need help let me know!
Credit: Either msblackeyeliner or jadedpaper


[Larger Screenshot] [Live Preview]

(Click here to download)

Last Standing Season 9 Round Two - Voting

This week's theme was: The Food Pyramid

Each contestant choose one of the steps of The Food Pyramid and made a layout based on it. The list was:
malionette: Fruit Group
stimulus: Grain Group
unoriginal: Fish/Meat Group
squid_stick: Fat, Oils and Sweets Group
scotchsour: Vegetable Group
ernestsewell: Milk, Yogurt and Cheese Group

Poll #1289288 LLS Season 9 Round Two: Food Pyramid - Voting
This poll is closed.

You know the drill, vote for your favorites!


Remember you can vote for as many as you like, however, just keep in mind if you vote for all of them it defeats the purpose of voting. That being said feel free to leave a comment letting any of the contestants know what you think. Feedback is what makes them better layout makers!

LLS Season 9 Auditions Exention

We are extending the deadline for auditions once again.
You have one more week again. The new deadline is October 25th. We look forward to more entries.


We're extending the audition deadline a week. You now have until October 18th. Still no need to wait just drop on over at lls_auditions and make a post with your layout! Its a really fun and interesting contest and a great way to earn a years paid account if you win :)


This is the the last reminder to turn in your submissions for lls_auditions. If we get at least one submission by Friday we will extend the submission intake a week or two. If not we will cancel the contest and the people who donated will receive a refund.

This contest is really fun. I swear. You learn so much and you don't even have to have years of experience. The judges help you learn new things and we even help you with coding issues. Don't be afraid to try out! You will seriously surprise yourself with how far you get. I know I always did. It doesn't matter if it's your first attempt at layouts or you have experience, you will learn something. Just join lls_auditions and submit a layout. You won't regret it.

So again this is the last chance to revive this awesome contest and get a chance to win a free year's paid account on LJ.

LLS Season Nine Announcement and Begging!

Once more, it's time for us to beg you guys for money. For those of you that don't know, LLS season nine is coming up. You may participate by joining lls_auditions. Entries are due by October 11, 2008. For more information check out the following communities:


We need to raise the $25.00 needed for the prize for the winner. If you guys can spare anything I would really appreciate it! I would be willing to give you a "thank you" gift for doing this, just let me know!

Amount left to raise: $0.00 THANKS EVERYONE!!


Bloggish: Autumn Leaves

Layout Style: Bloggish
Best view: Tested in Firefox and IE, but should work in all
Browser(s) Compatible: Firefox and IE, but should work in all
Work with Nav bar?: Yes
Work with Ads? Yes.
Credit: ausmac

Note #1: this layout works best on 1024/768 resolution. High resolutions may make it look strange.
Note #2: Use only one journal title, not a subtitle.


Live preview currently available here:


Codes and Instructions: Read more...Collapse )

Idea Tree Designer Contest

Here are the contestants for the Idea Tree Studio guest designer contest. Take a look at the work that they do, and then vote for your favorite designer. Voting ends Sunday.

EDIT AGAIN Ok, you guys. I totally FAIL at this contest. I accidentaly missed a bunch of contestants. I am going to repost this whole thing in a new entry.

Idea Tree Contest

Hey guys! We've had a BUNCH more entries for the Idea Tree Studio guest designer contest. Thank you to everyone for contributing! We plan on starting the vote on Wednesday and running it through Saturday, so if there are any last minute layouts you would like to submit, now is the time to do it!


In regards to the Idea Tree Studio guest designer contest - are there any more entries? So far we only have a couple of people interested. If that is the case, I may just put them up as guest designers without voting :( That makes me sad because voting is always fun!

So, if you want to enter but the deadline was too short just let me know when you can have something in. Remember, you guys CAN use old layouts that you've made, too!